Joe BradleyJoe Bradley It was the Saturday before Mother's Day in 1989 when two very memorable experiences were taking place in the life of Joe Bradley. At 10:30AM that morning, Bradley Video Productions, which has since grown into Bradley Digital, videotaped their very first wedding ceremony at Villanova's Chapel for the staggering fee of $100.00. Two hours later, Joe Bradley donned a cap and gown, walked across Villanova's campus to the football stadium and proceeded to his very own graduation commencement exercises. A "big" paycheck and a diploma both on the same day, not too bad.

Well, fast forward 20 plus years later and Joe Bradley is still enjoying a career that started out a very long time ago as a hobby with his college friends. Bradley Digital is a company that has been proudly able to capture and preserve through video and photographs, literally thousands of memorable experiences for tens of thousands of clients. Brides, grooms, graduates, musicians, actors and actresses, private citizens, corporate professionals, students, athletes, children of all ages and of various religious denominations and ethnic backgrounds are all our clients.

Over the years, the technology is ever changing. Everything filmed and photographed is done so in a digital manner these days. The quality of product that Bradley Digital is able to create for their clients is simply amazing. Whether the event is a young child being baptized, receiving their First Communion, being Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or an adult walking down the aisle to receive their diploma or to be married, this moment is special to that person and their family. Don't solely commit these moments to your memory. Commit these moments to Joe Bradley and his skilled team at Bradley Digital.

When someone loves what they do for a living, it really isn't work. Just ask Joe Bradley.